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Introducing: DJI RS4, RS4 Pro and Focus Pro

The most exciting DJI innovations have been presented, in addition to the RS 4, the Focus Pro system was introduced, which brings significant new improvements in addition to a new LiDAR sensor.

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Kaiser R60

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Perfect tiktoks thanks to functional ring light

Anyone who consumes content on social media has probably already come across the term ring light. But what is it exactly, what is its purpose and which ring light is best suited for tiktok? If you're into photography or videography, you appreciate the impact of good lighting on your shot. And to create optimally lit images or videos, you can't rely on natural light alone. For this reason, many professionals use artificial light sources. One of the most widely used devices for perfect lighting is a ring light. Above all, this is easier to use than traditional lighting devices, which speaks for the popularity of ring lights. But do you know what a ring light really is, what purpose it serves and what it can be used for? This article clarifies about it.

What is a ring light?

To produce good videos or pictures, you need more than a good idea and a camera. Lighting defines the mood and tone of your video and contributes significantly to the final result.

As the name implies, a ring light is a circular lighting device. A ring light can consist of a single circular fluorescent tube or several small LEDs arranged side by side to form a large circular light. Some ring lights allow you to control the type of lighting depending on your setup. There are two types of ring lights: those that attach directly to your camera lens or phone, and larger ones that you can shoot through. A ring light with a tripod falls into the second category and is sometimes referred to as a beauty or glamour light.

Although ring lights were originally developed for hospitals and dentistry, their usefulness has spread far beyond the medical field. The main purpose of a ring light is to provide a uniform source of light to fill in where natural light is unavailable or insufficient. It is mainly used to evenly illuminate an object.

A ring light places the origin of the light closer to the optical axis of the lens. This not only eliminates sharp shadows and softens harsh textures, but also makes photos and videos clearer. For makeup tutorials, for example, this can create a shadowless and soft light.

How big should the ring light with tripod or the ring light for your cell phone be?

There are many different ring lights on the market to choose from, which differ in dimension, among other things. The size of the ring light is usually given in inches and refers to the outer diameter of the light. In order to choose the perfect ring light for your needs, you need to take into account what you are going to use it for. If you want to use the ring light for your phone or tablet to take selfies, for example, it is advisable to buy a smaller ring light. Accordingly, a ring light for your phone does not need to be larger than 8 to 10 inches. If you intend to use a ring light with a tripod, it should have a larger diameter. By using a ring light with tripod and a diameter of 18 to 20 inches, you can illuminate a small to medium sized room instead of a single face. Basically, a larger ring has more LED lights, which increases the light output and also spreads the light over a larger space.

Light stands

Which ring light is suitable for Tiktok?

Ring lights also help you produce high-quality content anytime, anywhere for TikTok. Basically, a dimmable light is a very smart solution, as it allows you to adapt it to any type of lighting and situation. In addition, the ring light should have enough LED lamps that provide enough light and at the same time are very energy efficient. As a TikTok user, you will also appreciate a suitable ring light for your phone, which makes shooting videos much easier.

What are the special features of RGB ring lights?

If you want to make recordings of objects with different colors but the same shape, then you need to set up appropriate lighting colors so that all color features of the object are represented. With RGB lighting, you can combine red, green and blue light. Thus, it is possible to capture optimal images of the objects by changing the lighting.

Look and use of a ring light

Advantages of ring lights

  • Improve illumination: ring lights provide even illumination of faces and other objects, which can improve the appearance of videos and photos.
  • Reduction of shadows: ring lights reduce shadows and provide even lighting, improving the appearance of skin and other textures.
  • Enhancement of colors: ring lights can improve the appearance of colors by making them appear more vibrant and vivid.
  • Possible uses: Ring lights are suitable for a variety of applications, including portrait photography, makeup videos, YouTube videos and more.
  • Portability: ring lights are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. This makes them well suited for use on the go.

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