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Videographers are often in the situation that the built-in display of the camera is not sufficient. Gimbals or rigs are usually the cause here, as the camera is then carried in a remote position. Video monitors can be mounted in such cases with additional accessories, such as Magicarms, to display the image again. These products facilitate filming in many ways. A field monitor is connected to the camera via HDMI or SDI. The device then displays the live image with its own overlay. Functions such as focus peaking, zebras, histogram, waveform or 3D LUT can be activated here. When choosing a monitor, it is important to know which resolution and color profile should be displayed. When working in the profile area, cameramen / chambermaids are increasingly using flat image profiles such as S-Log3 or C-Log. These profiles are difficult to judge when filming. Current models from Atomos, Blackmagic and Small HD can convert the incoming signal back to REC 709 thanks to the HDR function to counteract these problems.

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Introducing: DJI RS4, RS4 Pro and Focus Pro

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Feelworld F5 Pro

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